Staffordshire Mum set to undertake ground breaking Breast Milk Research

By Gemma Walsh The benefits of breast milk for newborn babies are well documented and regularly listed by midwives and doctors to any new mother. There are also real world benefits that aren’t always listed in medical papers but are seen on a daily basis by the Read More »

Stoke-on-Trent Mums Club Is The Place To Be This Summer

Stoke-on-Trent Mums Club, a Facebook group started by a stay-at-home mum, is becoming so popular that their events may be the most in demand place to take your children this summer. Kelly Mcardle, a mum of four, created the online community last year but said Read More »

Real Nappy Week 2015…interview with Birth2Potty

To celebrate Real Nappy Week 2015, mum of 5 Claire Carey interviewed her own cloth nappy adviser Lisa Woodger, owner of . You can read Claire’s blog about her experience of cloth nappies here. Q. Can you describe how cloth nappies have progressed into modern Read More »

Real Nappy Week 2015 – a celebration of Cloth Nappies

By Claire Carey When washable nappies are mentioned, quite often, it conjures up an image of terry towelling nappies that had to be soaked, scrubbed, and boil washed, therefore, washable nappies = hard work! Thankfully, washable nappy designs have evolved considerably over the past decade Read More »

The Rise of the Cloth Nappy

By Gemma Walsh Re-useable nappies, cloth-bummed babies, whatever you call it, it looks like cloth nappies for your little one are falling back into fashion. From Boots, to Mothercare, to home crafters sewing their own out of inventive materials, they now come in all shapes, Read More »


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