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CEO Kimberly and Volunteer Faye Stafford collecting the Little Pot of Health Innovation Award 2017

Our Story

Visit from the Stork CIC supports new parents and parents-to-be across Greater Manchester. Our vision is for all parents to be equipped with the resources they need to achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their family. 

Since 2013, we have run numerous successful projects; having started out life as the UK’s only publication for parents and parents-to-be under 25, we have grown to be an organisation helping parents of all ages tackle issues that are stigmatised and unspoken about and yet are happening every single day.

We are proud to be working in the City of Salford, Greater Manchester; one of the fastest growing cities in the North West in terms of population size and regeneration. This however, brings challenges for families and support services as budgets are also squeezed for things once considered statutory.

The Covid-19 crisis has highlighted this even further, as the families living in poverty or just above the breadline become the hardest hit from lockdown and the loss of jobs and services.

Our Guiding principles

We believe parents should feel informed and supported about the choices they are making for their families; from the first pregnancy scan to the first day of school and beyond. We provide a support network across all of our projects for new and experienced parents alike, with the aim of connecting families together over shared experiences, and ensuring that every parent has the confidence to ask for help when they need it.

All parents should have the chance to have a happy, healthy and positive parenting experience. This includes having enough money for everything they need; having time to spend with their children, having opportunities to develop themselves as a person outside of being mum or dad. Our projects aim to ensure families can work towards these goals; helping them through hard times and giving opportunities for training, volunteering and employment.

Every family has the right to be a happy family, with children being healthy and cared for. We aim to educate, inform and support parents about current topics in ways that are accessible, interactive and relevant. We want to help parents feel proud and confident in their parenting abilities, no matter what the issue is that they are facing. 

Stork Support - Supporting families through Covid-19

Visit from the Stork CIC has been responding to the Coronavirus crisis with our Stork Support project – delivering baby essentials such as nappies, wipes, infant toiletries and medicines to families in hardship across Greater Manchester. 

The Coronavirus crisis has affected every single family in the region and we know there are hundreds, if not thousands, who have been struggling to access the basics because of job losses, benefit claim delays, the need to self-isolate or shield, having no recourse to public funds. The emergency response around providing food from food banks and other organisations was almost immediate, but families with the youngest babies are not able to be catered for through traditional food bank routes., so we decided to fill that gap. 

Over the last 4 months, we have had an extraordinary response to our campaign. In phase 1 of our project which started on March 30th, we recruited 24 volunteers to help with doorstep deliveries, and delivered 823 packages across Manchester & Salford. We were lucky enough to have the support of NHS Salford CCG, Forever Manchester and We Love MCR as our funders, as well as receiving small pots of donations from our friends at Flourish Together, Rotary in WorsleyThe Launch Project and The Dispensary. 

We’ll be publishing an impact and social value report about phase 1 of our project very soon as well as some fun stats. 

We have now launched Phase 2 of Stork Support, currently funded and supported by The National Lottery Community Fund and the Coalfields Regeneration Trust. We are always looking for more people to get involved as volunteer drivers in both Salford and Manchester even for just one shift a week. Register below and we’ll be in touch. 

Our other Projects


Yep, we love BOOBS! Be Open on Breastfeeding Salford is an open community and group encouraging mums to be open about their breastfeeding experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly!) and inspire others to breastfeed for longer. We work with local businesses on our BOOBS Approved scheme, provide Peer support across the city and online, and hold regular events. Our aim is to ensure every mum can have a safe & happy breastfeeding journey.
Click on our BOOBS logo to find out more. You can see some pictures of our events below.

Bump & Family

Taking over from our printed and digital VFTS magazine, Bump & Family is our new beating heart of Visit from the Stork CIC. Bump & Family is our main digital platform, with information and advice about everything from pregnancy to starting school. We know families are struggling with issues such as HG, Miscarriages, Baby loss, birth trauma, mental health issues, breastfeeding challenges and health problems through disabilities or illness. We aim to tackle these subjects and more through accessible articles, videos and media campaigns. We also run quarterly Families in Bloom Pamper & Play events tackling issues and bringing parents together with support organisations.
We are happy to work with charities and organisations to spread awareness and initiate change about issues affecting families in Greater Manchester.


That Toy Thing

That Toy Thing is a brand new, sustainable and affordable toy subscription service. We aim to help families play more sustainably, whilst saving money and reducing plastic waste and clutter. We want to create a new future where throwing away toys is a thing of the past. We will collect donations of good-quality pre-loved toys and hire them out in subscription packages. For just £5 a month, parents will be able to borrow up to £20 worth of toys, £10 a month for £50 of toys, and £15 a month for £90 worth of toys. COMING SOON - FOLLOW @thattoything on social media to find out more.

Past Projects

We've had lots of fun in the last 6 years working out and about in the Salford community with our projects for parents, here's some of the pictures from 2015-2020!

Our Team

What our clients say

“Helpful advice delivered in a relaxed and friendly way by the obviously knowledgeable advisor.”

“You’ve been supportive, informative, non-judgemental – thank you!"

“The volunteers have been so helpful, thank you”

“Kerry has given me lots more confidence about feeding and reassured me that it is going well. She was very informative and helpful about the concerns I had about breastfeeding."

“It was great to have practical support with actionable advice, that I can take up straight away.”

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