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CEO Kimberly and Volunteer Faye Stafford collecting the Little Pot of Health Innovation Award 2017

Our Story

Visit from the Stork CIC is a social enterprise for new parents and parents-to-be across Greater Manchester. Our vision is for all parents to be equipped with the resources they need to maximise their potential and achieve a better quality of life for themselves and their family.

We tackle stigmatised subjects through digital media campaigns, family-friendly events, and accessible advice and information. We are content and story-driven, giving parents a voice by sharing their stories and experiences about issues that matter to them. We believe parents sharing their experiences enables others to learn, and organisations like ourselves to innovate ideas and initiate social change.

Since 2013, we have run numerous successful projects; having started out life as the UK’s only publication for parents and parents-to-be under 25, we have grown to be an organisation helping parents of all ages tackle issues that are stigmatised and unspoken about and yet are happening every single day.

We are proud to be working in the City of Salford, Greater Manchester; one of the fastest growing cities in the North West in terms of population size and regeneration. This however, brings challenges for families and support services as budgets are also squeezed for things once considered statutory.

Our Guiding principles

  • Giving parents a voice – helping new parents & parents-to-be to be informed of their choices throughout maternity care, birth and beyond into parenthood.
  • Initiating social change – Listening to what parents want and need, and connecting parents, organisations and services to our community.
  • Challenging the status quo – Creating effective, targeted media campaigns that engage parents and reach influencers and decision makers in Greater Manchester.
  • Communicating how it really is – Talking honestly about experiences of parenthood, through our digital platforms, social media pages and events, giving peer support to new parents of all ages.
  • Being content & Story driven – We provide important information, interesting articles and stories from local parents and their experiences across all our platforms. 
  • Delivering quality & Value – We take pride in delivering quality work and services to parents, and being value for money for our Partners, Sponsors and Funders.

Our Projects


Yep, we love BOOBS! Be Open on Breastfeeding Salford is an open community and group encouraging mums to be open about their breastfeeding experiences (the good, the bad, the ugly!) and inspire others to breastfeed for longer. We work with local businesses on our BOOBS Approved scheme, provide Peer support across the city and online, and hold regular events. Our aim is to ensure every mum can have a safe & happy breastfeeding journey.
Click on our BOOBS logo to find out more. You can see some pictures of our events below.

Bump & Family

Taking over from our printed and digital VFTS magazine, Bump & Family is our new beating heart of Visit from the Stork CIC. Bump & Family is our main digital platform, with information and advice about everything from pregnancy to starting school. We know families are struggling with issues such as HG, Miscarriages, Baby loss, birth trauma, mental health issues, breastfeeding challenges and health problems through disabilities or illness. We aim to tackle these subjects and more through accessible articles, videos and media campaigns. We also run quarterly Families in Bloom Pamper & Play events tackling issues and bringing parents together with support organisations.
We are happy to work with charities and organisations to spread awareness and initiate change about issues affecting families in Greater Manchester.


Stork Academy

We wanted to give parents new skills, increase their employability, and enable them to discover ways to tell stories around issues important to them. We created The Stork Academy in 2015 and ran two 'Essential Skills for Journalism' courses, with amazing outcomes.
We are currently working on a redesign of the course which focuses more on sharing stories and experiences rather than building a portfolio of work. We'll be working with a range of partners on a brand new course in 2020.

Past and Future Projects

Our projects between 2014 and 2018 included:

  • Crafty Creations 2015- a creative Art project in conjunction with Grumpy to help mums and residents in Ordsall create jewellery to sell at the Christmas market. 
  • LEAP (Live, Eat, Achieve, Play) 2016- a partnership project with Ordsall Community Cafe which included creative cooking sessions for both adults and children, an Olympic festival, making a community cookbook, exercise sessions for the elderly and a big Christmas Market. 
  • Women in Bloom – for International Women’s Day 2017 we held a celebration event with Dance Like a Mother and Ordsall Cafe where we had stalls, dance sessions, a big play area and lunch for all mums and local women. 

Coming soon…this year our focus is on income generation and sustainable growth as a social enterprise. We’ll be looking for social investment for our new ideas…

  •  That Toy Thing! – a Toy subscription service with the ethics of a traditional toy library. Using pre-loved and nearly-new toys to reduce plastic, reduce the amount of toys in parents homes, and save them money! 
  • Box of B.O.O.B – a box of all things breastfeeding for new mums and mums-to-be. 

Our team

What our clients say

"I was not sure I would be accepted on to the Stork Academy course as English is not my first language. But the course was able to give me much more confidence in my English skills, especially after my article was published on the Visit from the Stork website. Thank you for this opportunity!"

Safieh Eskandari
Trainee, Essential Skills for Journalism 2015

“I was involved in the BOOBS calendar campaign in 2015 and this gave me a boost of confidence. Meeting mums on the same journey, having the same experience enabled me to breastfeed for 6 months, 4 months longer than I did with my two older children. Thanks!”

Sarah Allen
Breastfeeding mum

“Volunteering for VFTS/BOOBS has literally been a lifeline for me. After having depression with my first baby due to a number of reasons, with my second I knew something had to change.  I contacted BOOBS and had support from them to feed my daughter. I also took part in the calendar campaign in 2015 and have remained a volunteer ever since!" 

Faye Stafford
BOOBS Volunteer

“I came to the Women in Bloom event in 2017 with my then 6-month old. It was great for getting involved with other organisations like the NCT, Sling Library and Dance Like a Mother. Since then I have noticed my local venues becoming BOOBS Approved such as PlayKidds and Hug in a Mug. It’s fantastic and very encouraging to see breastfeeding being supported in the community. I breastfed for 13 months in the end.”

Joelle Marie-Morgan
Breastfeeding mum

 "Kerry was simply amazing. I have attended other groups before and always left a bit confused and never too sure about what to actually do. Kerry, not only improved my knowledge, she also helped with having an action plan in place, which improved my confidence." 

Sara Conca
1-1 Peer Support Client

"The VFTS course encouraged my love for Journalism. I'm now going into my second year at university studying journalism and public relations. Thank you to your team for helping me find my love of writing!"

Chloe Banks
Trainee, Essential Skills for Journalism 2015

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