By: Adreen Hart-Rule

 It has been unveiled that Prince William hopes his unborn child is a girl, while Kate wishes it to be a boy but one of the biggest questions which will be on everyone’s mind in a couple of months is: “What will it be called?”

This is especially prevalent in the case of a royal where it is likely they will become a monarch who will be remembered for years to come in the future and represent us for part of our, or our children’s, lives.

People will be debating which name of old from a past king or queen will be selected or it is possible that a daughter would be named ‘Diana’ to pay respects to William’s late mother who died when he was 15 years old. The younger royals appear to be changing the perception of the royal family and it is possible that the naming of this child will continue to add to this.

Convention has already been broken this month in the Vatican through the naming of the Pope. Normally, the name would reflect the works of a previous Pope and have a deep, symbolic meaning. The most common names have been: John, Benedict, Gregory and Clement. Pope Francis is meant to have selected his name in honour of St. Francis of Assisi and it is possible he is implying he will focus on issues such as poverty.

However, it appears that when some parents are choosing the name for their child, they are not thinking of the effect on the child’s life. ‘Brfxxccxxmnpcccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116’ is what a pair in Sweden tried to call their child, although, luckily for the child it was deemed illegal, however, in Australia a child was allowed to be called ‘Number 16 Bus Stop’.

Even though my name is not as extreme as the ones shown above, I am still the only ‘Adreen Hart-Rule’ in the world (or at least from what I can see). Having a unique name, I believe, has helped me to have the confidence I have today and is something special which I highly enjoy having. Even though, I encountered the usual mockery while going through the educational system, now being older I am truly thankful to my parents for giving me the name I have today and I hope Kate and William’s child has a name they can be as equally proud of.




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Kimberly Bond is the Managing Director and founder of Visit from the Stork CIC. Although not a mum, she is passionate about ensuring that young parents have the right information at the time they need it and giving them engaging content through the website and magazine. Kimberly is a first class honours Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University.

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