By Matt Gannon 

The term Tummy Time refers to a short period of time that you place your baby on their stomach to help them develop their muscles in their neck, legs, and arms whilst they are awake.

Tummy time is proven to improve their ability to crawl later in life, roll over, and support their head. Tummy Time also helps your baby learn to make direct eye contact. They do learn this naturally, but it definitely can’t hurt.

Research also suggests that although guidelines say your baby should always sleep on their back, Tummy Time when your baby is awake can help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).

I remember the first time that we tried this with Gabriel. We laid a thick towel on the floor, rolled up a receiving blanket, and placed under him positioned at his chest. His arms and neck were just past it so he had to use those muscles. He certainly didn’t like it very much. We felt bad so we stopped, but the next time we tried it, he did a lot better.

We continued to do this with him, and at 3 months, he was able to sit up on his own and completely support his neck. Now, at 4 months, his arms are strong, and his legs are considerably stronger. I believe this is the direct result of Tummy Time.

Gabriel is now strong and sitting up on his own!




About Author

Matt Gannon is a freelance writer and stay-at-home dad who has a profound interest in the subjects of young parenthood, health, fitness, and self-improvement. He has two children, Gabriel (2) and William (7mo). He lives in Ottawa, Ontario.

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