By Kimberly Bond

For anyone remotely interested in the blogging world, you will know that there is – quite literally- thousands of ‘parent’ bloggers who write about their journey into, and beyond parenthood. But maybe you are not the sort to want to write and rant on the internet, instead preferring to read about others. We thought we’d give you a little bit of insight into those young parent bloggers causing waves on the web. 

First on our list is Early Mama, a 22 year old blogger from America who has an amazing story. Striding through a (very) surprise pregnancy, she carried on with her writer roots by starting her blog – for anyone who became a mum earlier than expected, and is also a writer for several websites including Disney Baby and Parenting magazine. Her blog is a mix of inspiration, reflections and lovely posts about her life as a young mum. She has also started her very own ‘Early Mama E-course’ (fantastic idea) consisting of workshops, webinars and worksheets to help with your personal development! @earlymama

Next is Anna Mariker from Intheplayroom who did a guest post for us in early 2013 – read it here. Anna is mum to 3 boys, including one who has autism. She is also a Tots 100 parent blogger, and writes about everything – from craft activities and ideas to her general life as a mum. You can find her on Twitter @theplayroomblog

‘The Speed Bump’ – or ‘Maddysmaybiebaby’ is a FANTASTIC, brutally honest, raw blog that has had us laughing out loud, and feeling happy that there is finally someone who writes the truth about their pregnancy. There are hundreds of bloggers who shout and scream about being pregnant and how wonderful it all is, but Maddy, 19, writes about the pure reality of being a teen mum-to-be from a village. Maddy is juggling being pregnant with studying at uni, and says exactly how she feels. We’ll be looking forward to seeing how her year progresses! You can catch Maddy on Twitter at @MaddyLeigh1994

We recently discovered ‘Yummy Mummy’ over on Twitter – Gemma’s son Corey is the recent winner of our Baby of the Month competition for January 2014. Gemma likes to blog not just about being a mum but about beauty and fashion as well – she recently wrote ’20 things to let go of in order to be happy’ which we loved. Gemma’s blog is also honest, as she writes about her aim to lose weight before her wedding too. Gemma’s Twitter is @yummymummyblogx

Our last – but definitely not least- on the list is going to be a young daddy blogger. We have searched the blogger hemisphere but are coming up against a brick wall at the minute. Do you have any suggestions? We may be slightly biased but our writer Young Daddy Matt is a young daddy blogger in Canada. We also wanted to recommend Young Dads TV -the information service for young dads under 25. Just like VFTS, they campaign for better rights, more opinions and voices from young dads and parents under 25. Go check them out here. 

Of course – we couldn’t leave you without bigging up our very own bloggers too – check out Elliebearbabi, Mummy Memories & New Young Mum.




About Author

Kimberly Bond is the Managing Director and founder of Visit from the Stork CIC. Although not a mum, she is passionate about ensuring that young parents have the right information at the time they need it and giving them engaging content through the website and magazine. Kimberly is a first class honours Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University.

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