By Kimberly Bond

Today (06 Feb 2014) is Time to Talk day, a day when everyone gets together over Twitter and talks openly about Mental Health. It is led by Time to Change, an organisation led by the Mental health charity Mind. The day encourages people to raise awareness about mental health issues and help reduce stigma and increase support for everyone suffering. 

Whilst we are working on a series of articles and stories from young parents talking about issues they have suffered, today we are helping to promote the work of others, who have taken the time and energy to support others through their blogs and websites. We’ll be choosing 6 blogs to feature, covering the subjects of pre and post-natal depression, and baby loss.

Our first blog is from Rosey from PNDandme – who has set up #PNDhour on Twitter for women to talk about the condition.

Here she has given us permission to re blog her poem she has written:

PND and Me

I had this little thing
An illness you cant see
I want to tell you a story
About PND and me.

When my precious baby was
The size of a grain of rice
I thought this would be lovely
How a family would be nice

Then suddenly a fog appeared
It would sometimes come at night
I thought I could get rid of it
I was putting up a fight

People said I should be happy
But what they couldnt see
Was happiness and laughter
Had gone and left me.

I didn’t feel any love
When my little baby came
PND was getting me
Life just wasnt the same

All I ever wanted
Was to be a good mum
So why was it so hard
I just felt numb

It took away everything
But only for a while
I wouldn’t let it keep
My sparkle and my smile.

It took a long time
To finally be free
Of this hidden illness
To get back to being me

I got my life back
And so will you
Ask your friends and family
To help you see it through

So carry on, keep going!

Just you wait and see
I promise that one day
PND will set YOU free

Rose Wren 17/12/13




About Author

Kimberly Bond is the Managing Director and founder of Visit from the Stork CIC. Although not a mum, she is passionate about ensuring that young parents have the right information at the time they need it and giving them engaging content through the website and magazine. Kimberly is a first class honours Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University.

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