By Vicky Moorhead

Before having my little girl I read and watched numerous blogs and vlogs about what to pack in your “hospital bag” most of which were utterly useless like tiny hand held fans, magazines etc but I never really read or saw any changing bag essential posts. It was day 3 when we ventured out on our first outing and I all of a sudden had to pack a changing bag! Cue the panic, but what do I need what do I not need? The first two weeks I used my changing bag it was so full I couldn’t hardly find anything and it was so heavy! Slowly as we got into a routine the changing bag also became more organised and the amount of things in it were reduced down to the “essentials”. So here is my little list of what I think are changing bag essentials!

  • Firstly a good changing bag is key, good doesn’t mean expensive. I used the Boots baby club bag for the first 2 weeks but it was far too small. I then purchased a pacapod which was a lifesaver for the first few months as it has an organised compartment for bottles etc and different compartment for changing. Now that Mini is 14 months we have a yippydada Zebrax bag which is smaller and more like a handbag with toddler bits in it! Get a bag that works for you, if you like organisation then get one with lots of compartments and or pockets, if you like a small bag get a mum on the run style bag like the ones from pink lining and so on.
  • Nappies and wipes are the main items needed in any changing bag, hence the name changing bag. I keep a set of wipes and nappies in my bag at all times and we have the nappies and wipes we use for changes at home in Mini’s room. This stops me grabbing my bag and heading out the door only to find an hour later when we need them that I never replaced the nappies and or wipes I used early in the bag and now we are nappyless!
  • Nappy creams/balms. Little ones skin can go from 100% to sore in a matter of minutes especially when teething. I always keep a little tin of Gwdihw goody hoo cheeky cherub baby balm in my bag for moments like that. Its a tiny tin too so takes up less space than say a tub or tube of baby cream.
  • Changing mat- these can take up loads of room, so I opted for the disposable ones you get in like a packet of 20 in the likes of poundland. I used to keep about 4 folded in a pocket and once used them threw them away with the nappy. Saves on space.
  • Change of clothes, even now I bring a vest and a onesie just incase we have an emergency leak or a head to foot food explosion at lunch.
  • Muslin/burp cloths. These are fab for wiping up or if your breast feeding covering your little one a little, or shading them from the sun in summer etc.
  • Bibs, these are always handy so keep one or two in the bag at all times, however if you’re ever stuck muslin/burp cloths will do just as well for newborns and tiny babies.
  • bottle/sippy cup- if you are heading out for the day and are bottle feeding bring a bottle with cooled boiled water ready in it and a little tub of the powdered milk. Even if you think you will be home before the next feed as you never know what might delay you getting home in time.
  • A little toy- I used to keep a lamaze owl hanging off the side of my bag as it meant it was always there for mini if she needed to be entertained.

That’s my essentials! Would you add anything else? Or change anything? Hope this helps.





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