By Hayley Auffret

Preparing to conceive or just finding out that you are pregnant can be complicated enough without even having to think about what is best to take and which brand is most effective. So, here is a rough guide to the top 5 pregnancy vitamins brands.

image courtesy of Lloyds Pharmacy

At the top of the list is Pregnacare. Not only did they win the Queen’s award in 2013 but they are also most recommended by midwives! Out of our 5 they offer the widest range of products from conception (his and her) through pregnancy to breastfeeding. On top of this they offer a stretchmark cream – the only of our top 5 to do their own!

image courtesy of Seven Seas

Second on the list is Seven Seas, particularly well known for their non pregnancy vitamins and minerals, their pregnancy range looks just as good. They provide conception capsules and vitamins for throughout pregnancy and manage to this at a fairly reasonable price compared to other brands. My favourite aspect of this brand was their free Bump Buddy App (Only avaliable on Apple). It provides daily tips that are tailored to your due date and offers places of significance in relation to your current location, for example, Doctors, Hospitals and toilets.

image courtesy of Centrum

At number 3 is Centrum – another well known company for making everyday vitamins and minerals, infact, they claim to be producers of the world’s number one multivitamins! Plus, with 30 years of expertise we have no reason not the trust that their pregnancy range is just as impressive. They do however have a smaller range than others in the top 5, only offering Pregnancy care and Pregnancy care plus. (However pregnancy care can also be taken before conception)

image courtesy of Think Baby

Fourth on the list is the maybe less known, Sanatogen. They offer a good size range of products, from conception to mother to be to new mother. They cleverly contain B1 and B12 to release energy from food to help with fatigue. Their new mother product also contains vitamin C and collagen to look about the new mum’s skin and keep her looking fresh. Although not the cheapest range, it may be worth a try.


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Last on the list (but not least) is Boots. Definintely a name that we know and trust, and for most people is easily accessible. They offer nothing particularly fancy, just exactly what is needed, his and her conception support, pregnancy support and pregnancy plus support. What more could you ask for?

All mentioned brands meet the recommended amount of folic acid and vitamin D. They also all offer a ‘pregnancy plus’ containing omega -3 for healthy brain and eye development for your foetus.

If at all in doubt, worried or confused please visit your GP for advice.

Visit the websites for more detailed information on all products.




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