By Gemma Walsh

There are so many well documented facts about breastfeeding. From the good nourishment it provides to the help with weight loss for mummies.

A benefit that all walks of life, male or female, childless or not and including that one nagging aunt who just can’t get her head around why you would what to get your boobs out so often is the financial benefit.

It is no secret that powdered milk is expensive, ranging from £8 to £12 for a tub (or even more for specialised milks). Alongside is the growing popularity of premade milk where a one litre bottle can cost up to £4. For a 6 month old baby this will last for around 24 hours.

Research carried out by Gemma Walsh – Journalist calculated that based upon the average cost of milk, and the average time that a tub would last babies of varying ages, the average cost to feed a baby would be £1.50 – £2 a day (which could double if only using the premade bottles).

With UK guidelines currently state that children should not be weaning onto cows milk until at least 12 months old,this makes the total cost for the first year of a child life an average of £545-£730.

This is an average – the cost may be more if the baby is considered particularly hungry.

That’s enough money to feed a family of 5 for over a month. It’s also over the amount that the government provide as a childcare grant.

Even if some of the extra money is sucked up by nipple cream or a pump, there is still a saving going into the hundreds of pounds. This is an ever bigger saving if you choose to breastfeed beyond the first year.

So next time that annoying aunt scoffs at your reason for breastfeeding, write her out a bill for a years worth of formula and feed your way to the bank.




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About Author

Gemma is a 24 year old mum to her very mischievous and energetic son Jay, whom she delivered herself by dropping him in the toilet. She has always wanted to write so joining Visit from the Stork as a writer and being able to write about motherhood is pretty much the perfect combination for her. She says: "Maybe one day we'll win an OBE for services to pregnant ladies!" Since joining VFTS as a volunteer writer, Gemma has gone on to start the journalism course at Staffordshire University and now also edits other contributors work, and runs the new FAB (Features and blogs) team. As well as writing, Gemma also loves photography and provides the pictures for the front cover of the magazine, and some of the real-life features too.

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