By Hayley Auffret

If you’ve just found out your pregnant, or even if you’re mid way in to your pregnancy, there is a big issue to address. When baby is born, what will you call him/her? Do you stick to family tradition? Or do you go with something completely different? And if your not finding out the sex of your baby, you need to think of a boy and a girl name!

After doing some looking around I decided to find out what the top baby names for girls and boys were in the UK.


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TOP 5 Boys

  1. Harry
  2. Oliver
  3. Jack
  4. Charlie
  5. Jacob

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TOP 5 Girl

  1. Amelia
  2. Olivia
  3. Jessica
  4. Emily
  5. Lily


Both the boy’s and girl’s names are quite traditional, and working in a nursery I see quite a lot of these floating around.

The statistics I used here are from, they used official statistics from 2013 UK births

How will/did you choose a name for your little one?







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