Once you’ve had children it can be hard to feel like yourself again. Remembering what you liked before but adapting that to the whole new person you are now, as well as trying to avoid too many disapproving looks at the school gates.

At Visit from the Stork we say:

“Go for it!!”

And our writer Chloe is here to tell you how:

Fancy doing something crazy with your hair which takes less than 30 minutes and is really cheap? ‘Bleach London’ is definitely the right hair dye for you.

A couple of weeks ago I decided to dye my hair a green-blue colour. As I’m still a student and I have very little money, I had to shop around and I found this specific brand which is relatively cheap.

Lots of models and musicians use this brand as well!

Bleach London

For this bottle I paid £5 and it is a semi-permanent colour which washes out after 2-10 washes. Tip – only use the hair dyes if you have really light hair or bleached hair.

I only dyed the ends of my hair as they are bleached, otherwise, the colour wouldn’t have taken as I have dark brown hair.

Here are 5 very easy steps to make your hair look amazing;

Step One – Wash your hair with shampoo. DON’T condition.

Step Two – Towel dry your hair and then comb it through.

Step Three – With gloves, apply the hair dye. I recommend to start from the ends of your hair and work your way up to your roots (if you want to dye your whole head).

Hair Dye

Step Four – The bottle recommends to wait for 15 minutes. However, I leave it on a little longer as it takes a lot better. I leave the dye on for an extra 5-10 minutes.

Step Five – Rinse the colour out with lukewarm water and then dry your hair to see the new and very cool transformation of colour.

You will look like a super cool looking mum or dad!!

Even though hair dye can be really good, it can leave some people with many side effects like rashes and hair falling out. So, before dying your hair, do a tester by putting a blob of the hair dye onto the side of your neck, preferably behind your ear. If you start itching or have a rash showing within half an hour, you know you are allergic to it. If you do happen to be allergic or if you are allergic to henna, you could use an alternative which is plant based which you can find many quirky little shops. This can work out cheaper too.

Bleach London

Have fun experimenting with different colours as ‘Bleach London’ have a wide range of different colours.


The Final Look!!




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