By Safieh Eskandari

  • Safieh is from Iran and is currently a trainee at The Stork Academy. This is her first blog for Visit from the Stork. 

My Baby is 21 now.

I remember the day after my caesarean section, it was morning and I did not wake up , one of the Nurses opened the door and came in with my baby. She said  “it is yours, he just crying and ignored any bottle of milk and we cannot do anything.”

After a few seconds, I was with a baby and the nurse was gone. I was still in pain and dizzy, the baby was just crying, I could not do anything. After few minutes, I rang nurse please help me she said “sorry at the moment we are busy and have some emergency work.”

I asked the nurse: “Oh no how about my sister, is she allowed to visit me now?”

The nurse said “Patient’s visit is this afternoon.”

The boy was still crying and I confused, and I thought, OK I have to do something.

I tried breastfeeding but he refused it, I checked his nappy; my poor baby had rash, he was allergic to his nappy. I went out of the room and tried to find a cloth nappy, but the baby section was in a different part of the hospital.

After I found the cloth and I came back to the room, I believe my boy cried louder! First,  I washed him and used some cream for his rash area then I sat and I hugged and caressed him and started speaking with him and again I tried feeding him.  He ignored my breast few times, than I feel it! He sucked my breast, yes first my feeling was something like tickles and I could not believe what happened! My breast was full and very heavy, my baby lips was too weak so he could not do it correctly.

It was a challenge as my pain got worse and the weakness too. I tried again and I took baby lips toward my breast, up and at that time I pushed my breast suddenly my boy stopped his crying.

Yes we did it my boy and me but it took half an hour, and then he slept. I rang nurse and I informed her you can return baby to baby’s section, he is clean and fed. After that I had different of feeling happiness and success mixed with pain in my back and womb but after days we became expert.

You know very expert because when he was one year and half he did not want to stop breastfeeding!

As a mother who hadn’t had any experience or knowledge about breastfeeding, it was important to me to help my baby. My baby is 21 years old now, and no longer a ‘baby’ but my advice to young mums now trying to breastfeed is to be patient and keep trying, no matter what your experience in hospital or at home.





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