A recent research report commissioned by Organix found that two thirds of children prefer chicken nuggets (66%) to chicken breast (34%). (Read our article about the research here).

So why not try making your own ‘No Junk’ chicken bites at home. These tasty chicken bites with a lemon kick are a healthy alternative for the whole family to enjoy. You can download the printable version of the recipe here >> Download

Lemony Chicken Bites recipeFor more No Junk recipes, baby and toddler advice and to download your free copy of the Engineering Taste report, please visit www.organix.com. You can share your response to the report, recipes, experiences and photos with other parents at #OrganixTaste.




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Kimberly Bond is the Managing Director and founder of Visit from the Stork CIC. Although not a mum, she is passionate about ensuring that young parents have the right information at the time they need it and giving them engaging content through the website and magazine. Kimberly is a first class honours Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University.

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