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By Charlotte McFall

The Easter holidays are here and with Easter weekend just days away what an earth can you do to keep them entertained? Well here are five ideas for you to try out and have fun learning and perhaps getting messy together.

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  1. Make your own chocolate Easter Eggs


300g/10½oz dark chocolate (70% cocoa solids) or milk chocolate you could use any quality bars of chocolate to make your eggs.

You will need 2 1/2 egg Chocolate Mould – Amazon does both large and small ones. You will also need a heat proof bowl to melt the chocolate in. If you wish to temper the chocolate (as recommended by BBC Good Food) to ensure smoothness and consistency then you’ll also need a thermometer, but it can be done without!

Step 1 – Dampen a piece of kitchen towel with sunflower oil. This will make sure the egg is finished with a polish and also helps to release the set chocolate from the mould.

Step 2 – Break your chocolate into pieces, place in a heat proof bowl and put it over the top of a saucepan of hot, not boiling water. Just before the chocolate completely melts, turn off the heat. 

Step 3 – For your first layer, pour spoonfuls of chocolate into the moulds and spread the chocolate out evenly to make sure the moulds are covered. Leave in the fridge to set for an hour. You’ll need at least two layers (one per chocolate bar) 

Step 4 – Carefully unmould the egg halves and place face down on a clean surface. Be careful of using your hands because the heat might make them melt. 

Step 5 – To stick the two edges of an egg together, heat a baking tray and then place the edges of two halves on it for a few seconds, then gently push the edges together.




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