Today I woke up with a great sense of pride. I don’t know why in particular, but I woke up with a smile on my face and jumped out of bed inspired to write this blog!

Many of you will know me as the Editor of Visit from the Stork magazine- some will know me as Kim from BOOBS and some will know me as  the Managing Director of Visit from the Stork CIC. Sometimes I feel like I have got a few ‘hats’ that I swap around depending on where I am. The great thing about this though, is the key – people are starting to KNOW who I am. I am being talked about in places and forums I didn’t even know existed on the internet, our business name is being passed around the big wigs at the council and as for BOOBS – well that’s being talked about as far up in the country as Scotland! Over the last few weeks I have attended a few business events – a conference, some training, a networking group – and at every one of them I was able to say hi to someone that I knew AND introduce someone to someone else in the business world. It has suddenly dawned on me what a massive thing that is. I have been very lucky as a social entrepreneur to have been introduced to these support networks myself through the fantastic things that are going on in Salford. Now, suddenly, I have started to become the ‘somebody’ that ‘might know somebody’ – the connection. I have started to be the person that gets asked to talk about ‘my journey’ in the business world to others just starting out.

speaking screenshot

The great thing about that of course is for Visit from the Stork CIC, people are going to start remembering us, the name is going to be on the tip of their tongue and eventually we are going to start getting referrals and recommendations for work and hopefully more young parents accessing our website and services. I feel like we are on the edge of something big, and the ball has finally, finally started rolling towards whatever ‘that’ is.

For me, the last few weeks sums up the hard work the whole organisation has been doing in the last 12 months. I’m sure everyone will be wondering what we have been doing. We have had three wonderful projects in which we engaged over 200 new beneficiaries, and our website had 5,000 more pageviews than the previous year. We have now got a downloads board where you can access information relevant to you – for example we have recipes from Organix, colouring pages from our Comic Editor, and important information like the Miscarriage Association Leaflet which has been downloaded 50 times since publishing our story about Baby Loss Awareness. Knowing that people have been talking about me and Visit from the Stork means that we are creating an impact far wider than I could have imagined. 

I have summarised the whole year in our Annual Report which you can Download

I have big plans for the next 12 months – but I think moving baby steps for now is okay. My focus is to make sure one project has finished before the next one can begin, and start to evaluate all the work we do more effectively. I need to put in place systems which means that it’s not me doing all the work on the ground any more but actually using my support system of volunteers, business support and other organisations to help achieve the difference for the young parents I am so passionate about.

Here’s a gallery of what we have been up to in the last 12 months. If you’ve connected with us, give us a shout about how we’ve helped/engaged with you!

  • Absolute Bobbins showing off her bags at the Babywearing exhibition.

  • Roscoe, aged 3, made his own crown with scrap materials

  • A selection of Willowed bird feeders made by the group

  • Photographer Mike running our Photography for Magazines module

  • Our trainee Jamie looking very pleased with his medal

  • Kim and Gemma doing promo for our course Picture: Phil Radcliffe, Courtesy of the Sentinel

  • Debbie and baby Edie in the cafe

  • Laura Kendall with a card she made

  • Trainees with their certificates

  • Directors Adam and Claire with me at the Heart of Salford Awards.

  • Collecting our certificates for being nominated as Social Enterprise of the Year.

  • Kim at the Launch of Salford Social Enterprise City, Ordsall Hall

  • Being Filmed for ITV News about BOOBS!!





About Author

Kimberly Bond is the Managing Director and founder of Visit from the Stork CIC. Although not a mum, she is passionate about ensuring that young parents have the right information at the time they need it and giving them engaging content through the website and magazine. Kimberly is a first class honours Journalism graduate from Staffordshire University.

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