Life can be tough, and people are always on the lookout for ways to make it just that little bit easier. Here are our top 5 unusual hacks to improve your day.

Write an Ignore List

Whilst everyone else is writing to-do lists, have you ever thought about what you should be ignoring? Ask yourself what distractions you should be ignoring to have an effective day, and then make a list of things that don’t deserve your attention. Is it certain emails you have no intention of responding to? Or does your phone constantly distract you during the day? By knowing what to ignore at the beginning of the day, you can prioritise the most important things.

Do Nothing for 15 Minutes

Yes, you heard correct. By setting 15 minutes aside each day to do nothing, you will be doing more than you know. After you have put the kids to bed, evenings are a great time to sit in silence and give your mind and spirit a chance to reflect and refresh. When your 15 minutes are up, you will return to what you doing with a refreshed and new perspective. Check out an app called HeadSpace, great for beginners looking to explore meditation techniques.

Change Your Environment

It’s not healthy to be stuck in a building all day. Rain or shine, admiring your surroundings will be sure to boost your mood. Now that winter is approaching you can combine a leisurely lunchtime stroll with feeding the birds, who will undoubtedly appreciate it during the cold months. You will also take comfort in knowing you are doing your part to help them thrive.

This is also a fantastic opportunity to get your children involved in nature. As well as being fun for the whole family, you will be teaching them about all the wonders of nature and how they can help take care of the environment in the future. Take a look here, for some great bird food options.

Carry a Notepad

Ideas and thoughts tend to leave your mind as fast as they enter them. Try and capture them before it’s too late. The world is full of words, wisdom, examples and ideas. Maybe you heard something on the bus, or maybe your little ones said something funny or surprisingly profound. Keeping a notepad will ensure you keep these great ideas and memories.  

Chew Away Stress

Next time you feel the rage bubbling up inside you, grab a pack of chewing gum. According to research from Northumbria University, chewing on some gum for at least 15 minutes will reduce cortisol levels by 18%. How’s this for Extra? You will also be improving cognitive  function and blood flow to your brain.

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