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Living healthily is important for all the family. To help you along, we have our regular Foodie Friday recipes, as well as some yummy desserts and meals to enjoy on a budget.

Latest Foodie Friday posts

Foodie Friday – Cereal Bars

As promised, I am going to be spending the next 6 weeks exploring healthy snacks that you can make for ...
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Foodie Friday – Lunch Box Swaps

By Francesca Pullen Lunch – I tend to yawn at the idea! Quite frankly it is easier to make a ...
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Foodie Friday – Valentine’s Day

Have you managed to find some alone time for Valentines Day? Then why not stay in and make it an ...
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Foodie Friday – Smoothies and Shakes

As you will probably know if you read any of my other blogs, I am on a health kick! Part ...
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Foodie Friday – Food Swaps

One month in to 2015 and still feeling like you want a healthier lifestyle? I have been doing my research ...
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Foodie Friday – Healthy crisps

Yes, you read correctly. As I mentioned in one of my previous posts, I have recently embarked upon a lifestyle ...
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Foodie Friday – Banana Chips

There is something you should probably know about me… I am not the healthiest of eaters – in fact I ...
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Foodie Friday – No Sauce Fish Pie

There is nothing better than a good old fish pie! Sometimes fish pies can be a little bit time consuming ...
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Foodie Friday – Healthy Chicken Pizza

By Francesca Pullen Alright, so maybe now is not the right time of year to start a health kick but ...
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Foodie Friday – Smoked Salmon Spaghetti

Alright, last week I mentioned how much I am currently obsessed with salmon and I tried another salmon dish at ...
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Foodie Friday – Speedy Salmon

We all have those days when we are either too tired to cook a massive meal or we are in ...
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Foodie Friday – Chicken Parmigiana

Let’s face it, we all love a good pasta dish! This is a real feel good homemade meal that will ...
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Desserts and meals on a budget 

Christmas Day ‘budget’ banquet for 10

By Claire Carey I have been hosting Christmas Day for 15 years now and what started with a meal for ...
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Editor’s Vlog – How to make Lasagne for all the family

So this weekend I thought I would try something different…my third Editor’s blog this week is actually my first EVER ...
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VFTS budget recipes…Malteaser Blondies

By Rachel Smithson I thought I’d carry on the Brownie theme, but change it slightly, by going for a Blondie ...
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VFTS budget recipes…yummy chocolate brownies

By Rachel Smithson  I love chocolate!! Who doesn’t?! But – I’m a Slimming World convert (I’ve lost 2 and a ...
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VFTS budget recipes…Coffee Cupcakes

By Rachel Smithson aka Baking Mad Mummy  When I wrote my last recipe my boy had turned nocturnal. I had ...
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VFTS Family recipes… tortilla wrap pizza

By Kimberly Bond Who loves Pizza? Most families will put their hands up eagerly at this question (including ours!) so ...
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VFTS budget recipes…Crispy top apple pie

By Rachel Smithson (Baking Mad Mummy) My boy has turned nocturnal, he’s not sleeping through again and it’s killing me ...
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White Chocolate & Caramel Baked Cheesecake

By Alice Young   This recipe does have many steps but once you have made it once it is so easy ...
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VFTS budget recipes…Chocolate Cake pops

By Rachel Smithson  Christmas is over! The decorations have been taken down, the tree put away, lights put away neatly ...
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Family Budget recipes…Mini Christmas Cake

By Rachel Smithson  My mum makes the best Christmas cake and mince pies and rum truffles  and actually, any Christmas ...
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