Board of Directors

VFTS now has a board of Directors to help run the company and make sure we keep to our aims for the next year.

Kimberly Bond – Founder and Managing Director 

As Founder of Visit from the Stork, Kim is taking another step forward by formally becoming Managing Director, and managing everyday tasks in the company, as well as taking on the role of Editor-in-Chief of the magazine and website. Kim will be focusing on developing a team of volunteers and eventually managers and staff to help run the magazine and create a great publication. She will be using her journalistic knowledge and expertise to make sure the magazine has fantastic editorial content each issue, and the website keeps having visitors coming. Her team of directors will support her in making financial and operational decisions for the company in the years ahead.


Hayley Auffret – Strategic operations Director 

Hayley is 23 and currently studying towards a BA Hons in Childhood and Youth studies and works full time as a nursery assistant. She will be researching and writing our Top 5 articles and product reviews. She will also be helping Kim to brainstorm new ideas for the magazine, fundraising and future events to fulfil our aims of helping young parents across the country. Hayley will also be offering her expertise to any young parents who have questions about child development or language.


Sophie Abbott – Strategic fundraising Director 

Sophie is 22 and in her last year at the University of East Anglia studying BA Hons in Education. From September, Sophie will be going on to do a PGCE and starting her teacher training. Sophie will be helping to bring new fundraising ideas to VFTS and will also be helping to create a handmade/retail side to the business. She will also be able to offer help to any young parents who have questions about child development in the Early Years.


Adam Preston – Business Development Director 

Adam is 25 and works full time as an Insurance adviser at Direct Line, whilst also studying Business and Leadership management at the Open University.  As Kim’s partner, he is providing constant moral support as well as helping her make decisions and coming up with new business development ideas. Although Adam is a salesman, his passion lies in marketing and will be helping to create a promotions and marketing strategy in the months ahead. He will also be training to eventually take over as Sales manager and lead a VFTS sales team.



Could you join the VFTS Directors or management team? We need passionate, skilled people who could bring something unique to the team in either an executive or non-executive role. 


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