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BOOBS (BE OPEN ON BREASTFEEDING IN SALFORD)  is a small community project in Salford, Greater Manchester, which aims to help women to become more confident to breastfeed. We do this by encouraging mums to speak out about their experiences, and telling us what they needed to know (and sometimes weren’t told) throughout their journey. This way, we can help those mums-to-be to access important information so more of them take the steps of breastfeeding with their little one. We can provide confidential referrals and information about breastfeeding and signpost any mums in the Greater Manchester area who need help to local breastfeeding support groups, peer supporters and professionals. We also have monthly meetups around the city – just a place to come and meet other mums and have a laugh, or talk to us in confidence and we’ll see how we can help you. For news of our events, please see our Facebook page.

After the success of our Breastfeeding Calendar campaign, we are now working in partnership with Salford City Council, The Health Improvement Team and The Salford Royal Baby Friendly team to relaunch the city’s Breastfeeding Welcome scheme under a new name and branding.

The scheme is now called ‘BOOBS Approved’ and encourages venues including cafes, shops and restaurants to sign up and show their support for Breastfeeding mums. The aim is to make those already breastfeeding more confident, and empower others to start on their journey. The first venue to sign up was Runway 26, the City Airport cafe. You can find out more in this article in the Mirror newspaper. 

You can use the map below to find a ‘BOOBS approved’ venue in Salford. More markers will be appearing on here in the coming weeks – if you run a venue please let us know or if you’re a breastfeeding mum who has had fab service in a particular place also email us


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The last 15 months have been a bit of a roller coaster…

We carried out a research project in 2014/15 and spoke to 80 mums in the Salford area. Our aim was to find out WHY the current breastfeeding rate drops in the first 6 weeks of life. Our main conclusions were:

  1. We thought mums were giving up breastfeeding because of the lack of support about their problems. Instead, we found out that mums who are expressing their milk are NOT counted as exclusively breastfeeding, thus excluding a large percentage of mothers. This is happening because of UNICEF and WHO guidelines. We feel there is a lack of understanding amongst mothers about this, as they feel the emphasis should be on breastmilk and not the way it is served. However, education about why using a bottle to serve expressed milk is not always the best option is needed.
  2. Topping up with formula is one of the main reasons why mums are losing their EBF status – due to a mixture of pressure from doctors, health visitors etc for the baby to put on weight, and the lack of confidence in their own bodies to give the baby what it needs. More mums need to be educated about growth spurts, on demand feeding and how to cope with the pain that LOTS of mums have experienced.
  3. Mums in Salford WANT breastfeeding in the city to be promoted and helped to be normalised, because they feel that society no longer recognises the ‘primary function’ of breasts. More information about breastfeeding in public throughout the city would be beneficial to everyone.

You can download our full research report to see how we reached these conclusions by clicking here >> [ddownload id=”4757″]

Following on from our 2014/15 project, we decided to focus on conclusion number 3 – promoting breastfeeding in the city and helping to be normalised. We have gathered a group of women in Salford and created a breastfeeding charity calendar. We shot the photographs at 12 different locations across the city, and we are hoping to inspire hundreds of women to become more confident of breastfeeding, and to ensure our images get seen by lots of people.

We have had a wonderful reaction to BOOBS and the calendar, even featuring in the MEN and the Daily Mirror as well as on ITV Granada news.

There is still time to buy from the BOOBS Salford Facebook page, where you can get them delivered to your door or from the following stockists in Salford:

  • Langworthy Cornerstone
  • Winton Sure Start
  • Swinton Sure Start
  • Broughton Hub
  • The Angel Centre
  • Honest Coffee
  • Little Hulton Children’s centre

The money raised from the sales of the calendar will go towards BLISS, who work with babies in the NICU in Manchester.

What’s next for B.O.O.B.S?

As well as starting a new campaign, to relaunch the Breastfeeding Friendly Welcome scheme across the city,  We are also hoping to expand BOOBS by doing some merchandise using the pictures from the calendars, and also starting on our second priority of making sure mums have access to the right information before they start their breastfeeding journey. This means working in partnership with the Health improvement team, the Breastfeeding Friends peer supporters and other organisations in the city to reach mums-to-be and families antenatally.


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